Pride and Prejudice: The Story of Rabbi Israel of Salant’s Musar Movement

“Fart Proudly” (also titled “A Letter to a Royal Academy About Farting”, and in some cases “To the Royal Academy of Farting”) is an essay published in 1781 by Benjamin Franklin, who served as the American ambassador to France at the time, about the study of wind passing. Franklin published the essay as a response […]

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Sobre el Orgullo y Otras Virtudes: El Movimiento Musar y El Día del Juicio Expiatorio

Sobre el Orgullo y Otras Virtudes: El Movimiento Musar y El Día del Juicio Expiatorio “Fart Proudly” (“Tirarse un pedo orgullosamente”, también intitulado “Una carta a la Real Academia sobre el Pedo”, y en algunos casos “A la Real Academia del Pedo”), es un ensayo sobre el estudio del “viento humano”, publicado en 1781 por […]


Deep Shtetel: Jewish Elections 300 Years Ago

Cliché has it that Election Day is a holiday for democracy. It’s the political moment in which citizens use their mandate to shape the economic, judicial, cultural, educational future and other aspects of the society in which they live to reflect their wishes. Israel’s 71 years of democracy are just a blink of the eye […]


Club Med: Rooms With a View and a Jewish Story

Adi Akunis Club Med’s vacations have always appeared tailor-made for the global rich: Exotic locations in remote regions that offer an “all-inclusive holiday” in the original sense of that term. Food, recreation, sports, organized activities, rest, and good company. But long before this vacation concept was born, it was the idealistic brainchild of two Jews […]


How the Abduction of a Jewish Boy Led to the Founding of “Alliance”

The Alliance school network has been considered for years an educational empire. More than a million students have graduated from its hundreds of schools in dozens of countries around the world, since its founding in 1860. Much has been written about Alliance’s educational message. Its leaders’ proficiency in integrating the old and the new, tradition […]