What Do You Really Know About Europe’s Jewish Football Teams?

The year was 1923, and among the main attractions for European football fans were English football leagues’ summer tours of the Continent. The gaps between the nation that invented football and its Continental neighbors were vast. The latter had yet to take its first steps in the game. No other all-star league trumped England’s until […]

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Prof. Havi Dreifuss’ Lecture on the Holocaust in Soviet Russia

Sunday, March 31: Boris Maftsir’s film “The road to Babi Yar” was screened in the Museum of the Jewish People at Beit Hatfutsot. This is the latest film in Maftsir’s documentary serial project. Before the screening, Ms. Liora Shani, Director of Conventions & Events Center, greeted the visitors, and then historian Prof. Havi Dreifuss from the Institute for […]


Slavery to Freedom with a Hijacked Plane: Refuseniks’ Operation Wedding

In Jungian terms, Israel’s sweeping victory in 1967 symbolized an archetypal revolution of the common Jew. The archetypal passive, docile, and persecuted Diaspora “galut Jew” – whom Bialik slammed in his poem “City of Slaughter” in 1903 – morphed into that of the brave, heroic, flawless “Jewish soldier” who destroyed his mortal enemy in six […]


Avraham Kishke or Sonia Schmalz? Food and Jewish Family Names

Gefilte fish is probably Eastern-European Jewry’s most famous dish. Other well-known Jewish delicacies include borsht, bagels and shmalz. Today, however, not many are aware that the names of these familiar foods are also Jewish surnames, as are babke, kishke, tzimes and more. There are at least a hundred Israelis with the family name Herring, and […]


Alojzy Ehrlich: The Jewish Table Tennis Champion Who Survived Auschwitz

Estee Ackerman, a 17-year-old Jewish girl from New York, is one of the top table tennis players in the United States, and is setting her sites on competing in the 2020 Olympics. As a Jewish table tennis champion, Ackerman is actually following in a long tradition of Jewish success in the sport. When table tennis […]


Frankfurt School: The Jewish Intellectuals Who Made the 60’s

Shame. That word seems to best define what Orthodox Marxists felt after World War I. “How did the tweedy high-brow men who filled the salons of Berlin, Vienna, and London screw up our proletarian revolution?” they asked each other. Why was it a Russian nation comprised mainly of illiterate farmers that adopted the collectivist utopia […]