The Story of the Yekkes – Jewish Germans in the Land of Israel

After the Nazis came to power in Germany 1933, some half a million German Jews were gradually leaving Germany. The vast majority of those descendants of Ashkenazi communities, who lived along the Rhine since the ninth century fled to America and Great Britain, while a small 10% chose to immigrate eastwards to the Land of […]


One Joke Too Far: the Real Story of Hershele

There are so many Jewish jokes and tales out there, with hardly anything to do with real events or people. Take for example the case of the wise men of Chelm: though Chelm is an actual city, it had a perfectly normal population of both wise and stupid. No one really knows why Chelm entered […]


Big Ben: The Hollywood Screenwriter Who fought the Code of Silence

It was a cold night in January of 1943. Two friends were walking in the fifth avenue in New York. Children were making snow men on the sidewalks and the showcases still had remains of bright neon lights decoration from New Year’s Eve celebrations. Then the two men sat on a bench under a street […]


Uncle Hannes: The Dutch Farmer Who Saved My Father from the Nazis

In 1963 the Israeli foreign ministry invited Johannes Bogaard, a Dutch farmer, to Israel on an official visit. He was awarded the “Righteous Among the Nations” title by Yad Vashem, the National Holocaust Memorial Authority, for saving some 300 Jewish children from certain death during the Holocaust, between 1941 and 1945. The ceremony included planting […]


The “Typhus Epidemic” that Saved Thousands

During the Holocaust a number of incredibly brave individuals risked their lives to save those of their friends, neighbors, or even the lives of strangers. One of the most remarkable stories of courage and creative thinking in the face of danger is that of Dr. Eugene Lazowski, who managed to create an entire typhus “epidemic” […]

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A Festive Tribute to Beit Hatfutsot in Bologna, Italy

The Jewish Museum in Bologna, directed by Dr. Guido Ottolenghi, hosted a Gala evening in honor of The Museum of the Jewish People at Beit Hatfutsot’s 40th anniversary. Mayor of Bologna, Mr. Virginio Merola, the Ambassador of Israel in Italy, Mr. Ofer Sachs, President of the Jewish Communities in Italy (UCEI), Ms. Noemi Di Segni, and Ms. […]