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My Family Story (MFS), now in its 27th anniversary year, is a meaningful and fun Jewish heritage program that involves 20,000 Jewish youth from over 30 countries around the globe. Students research their roots and use their creative skills to design original, artistic installations that capture the essence of their family history. Top entries are selected for display in an international exhibition, with the winners receiving a free plane ticket to Israel to participate in the opening. 


My Family Story goes beyond the typical family tree. It connects the younger generation, between 10-14 years old, to their personal stories, their family stories, and the broader story of the Jewish people.

My Family Story is one of ANU – Museum of the Jewish People’s most innovative flagship programs. Through a yearlong curriculum, young participants in Israel and worldwide Jewish communities embark on a fun and meaningful, personal, experiential, international and multigenerational Jewish heritage project. Through rigorous research and inspiring creativity, the students produce a final art display illustrating their personal exploration into their family roots and connection to the greater story of the Jewish people.

How Does My Family Story Add Value to Your Community?

  • Connects Jewish youth from Israel and around the world to their story and to the broader story of the Jewish people through the creation of a roots art project that reflects the research conducted as individuals and as families.
  • Strengthens Jewish identity and a sense of belonging and engagement with the Jewish people.
  • Establishes a dialogue between Jewish people from around the world and Israel through an experiential educational encounter.
  • Provides a creative and hands-on method for sharing Jewish heritage, promoting the historical memory of the Jewish people and creating a sense of Jewish peoplehood.
  • Offers an interactive family heritage program.
  • Engages participants via a series of tasks and goals based on the Project Based Learning teaching technique with home-based activities.
  • Furnishes an opportunity for Jewish peers to connect around the world and in Israel.
  • Supplies your institution with the chance to highlight a Jewish peoplehood event to your local community.
  • Organizes the chance for your community’s art displays to become part of ANU – Museum of the Jewish People’s international museum exhibition.

There is a basic registration fee of $150 per school to participate in the program. This modest fee helps cover a small percentage of the costs while assuring the future development of the program. That said, we do not want the cost to prevent any institution from participating. If needed, please contact us so we can come to a different agreement to participate.


  • How long does MFS take?

  • Where do I get started?

  • Can I see projects from past years to get ideas?

  • Can I speak with another MFS educator in my area?

  • I’m not able to run MFS this year, but I still want to get involved. How do I do this?

  • What is the Judging Criteria? (link to the ‘Creative Display’ section)

ANU – Museum of the Jewish People Staff Contact for My Family Story

English-speaking Countries

Lindsay Shapiro

Director of International English Programming



Latin America and Spain

Martha Mazo

Coordinator and Founder of My Family Story, and Facilitator for Latin America and Spain





Tami Servadio

Director of Educational Hebrew Program Development




Europe and the Former Soviet Union

Rima Usmanov

Coordinator of My Family Story in Europe and the FSU




Michal Weiss

Director of International Programs Department