Programs for Christian, Catholic and Interfaith Groups

At the museum, we use historical objects, reconstructions, maps, video, music, multimedia and interactive displays, to follow the Jews from the ancient land of the Bible, into the diaspora and home again.

Our tours are designed for both children and adults, and serve to supplement and enhance your visit to Israel, answer your questions and deepen your experience of this uniquely meaningful place.

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Synagogues Hall - exhibition in Tel Aviv

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In the New Wing 

Group tours available 2019 and on-going

Jewish Religion and Practice: Past, Present and Around the Globe

Hallelujah! Assemble, Pray, Study – Synagogues Past and Present

The Alfred H. Moses and Family Synagogue Hall

This tour begins with an overview of the history of the Jewish people in Israel and the diaspora.  You will then visit the museum’s renowned synagogue models, which will introduce you to Jewish communities around the globe and the varied rituals of Jewish life: social gatherings and lifecycle events, study, prayer, charity, etc. You will see objects from the featured communities and enjoy film, music, video, art and interactive activities highlighting pluralistic Jewish practice around the world today.

60 minutes, guided tour

Synagogues Hall - exhibition in Tel Aviv

Genealogy Databases – Family Trees and Names

The Douglas E. Goldman Jewish Genealogy Center

Over 5 million individuals are already recorded in this continuously expanding database. Visitors from all backgrounds can explore their ancestry, record and preserve their own family trees for future generations and add their own “branch” to the family tree of the Jewish people.

30-60 minutes, self-guided research in the Lobby Study Center

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New Core Exhibition

Overview and themed group tours will be available starting autumn, 2020

Floor 1:  Foundations of Jewish Life

The story of the Bible is depicted through the art, artifacts and interactive displays on this floor. Shabbat, the Covenant and Prayer — the key tenets of Jewish life – are explored as a crucial source of connectivity between Jews and with the communities that surround them.

Focus Galleries:

  • The Bible and its Influence on Modern Culture
  • The Covenant and Jewish Prayer
  • Jewish Values (Sculpture in the Atrium)

The Atrium – Solidarity (Illustration) at the New Core Exhibition to be inaugurated in 2019

Floor 2:  Jewish History

This floor presents a historical narrative of global Jewry. A large-scale interactive map of Jewish migration tracks Jewish journeys through time and place. In these galleries the uninterrupted presence of a living Jewish community in Israel for the past 4,000 years is traced in a historical context.

Focus Galleries:

  • The Jewish Canon
  • History of Jewish Migrations
  • Jewish History: The Modern Era
  • The Holocaust and its Aftermath

Floor 3:  Identity and Culture

Contemporary Jewish culture in modern times and the contribution Jews have made to global civilization are on view in these galleries.

Focus Galleries:

  • Folklore
  • Jews in World Culture
  • Culture: Music, Film, Television and Art

The Opening Synopsis – Jewish Immigration (Illustration) at the New Core Exhibition to be inaugurated in 2019

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