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ANU – Museum of the Jewish People offers visitors a variety of cutting-edge features, using original, advanced-technology apps and audio guides that enhance your experience. Download, try, and have fun!

ANU – Museum of the Jewish People app

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Audio guide: Highlights
Unique exhibits with a special story, narrated by relatives, experts or celebs in speech, photos, and texts

Learn More
Over a hundred exhibits or sections throughout three floors – texts and photos

The Synagogues Hall
Audio guide through 25 models of synagogues around the world

Heroes – Trailblazers of the Jewish People
Dozens of Heroes from various periods and fields – illustrations and texts

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ANU Family

Explore remote family members in the museum.

Wouldn’t it be great to learn that you are related to famous Jewish people like Albert Einstein, Emma Lazarus or Theodor Herzl? You can now try the new app, MJP & Me, that not only will help you track down those relations, but also find other visitors currently in the museum, who are related to the same people.

All you need to do is sign into your GENI account upon your arrival. You shall then see a list of famous personalities you are related to, as well as nature of the relation. One click will reveal where the person is referred to inside the exhibition. A second click – and you can also find out whether other unknown relatives are visiting the museum as well.

If you already have a family tree you’ve created before, upload the GEDCOM file onto GENI and join the global family tree.

If you do not have a family tree yet, you can create one before your visit, or in the study area at the lobby. The bigger your tree is, the larger is your change to find relations via the app.