Museum of The Jewish People in Tel Aviv

Travelling to Tel Aviv? The Museum of the Jewish People at is a Must See!

Innovative and interactive exhibitions for adults and children, seven days a week activity, fun museum apps and multimedia – in one of Tel Aviv highlights

The Museum of the Jewish People at in Tel-Aviv is at the height of an unprecedented renewal process. Since the launching of the new wing (May 2016) we see the numbers of visitors grow significantly. We want to make sure you do not skip the most surprising museum in Tel-Aviv.

And it’s not just about exhibitions. We offer a large variety of lectures on Jewish culture, Jewish languages, Jewish genealogy, Israeli and Jewish documentary films, and many other fascinating topics. You can catch glimpses of the museum in our apps and social networks pages, and in our databases website, available online to everyone, free of charge.


Attractions in Tel Aviv: Let There Be Laughter – Jewish Humor Around the World

Let There Be Laughter – Jewish Humor Around the World

Start exercising your facial muscle for some serious laughing!

Hallelujah! Assemble, Pray, Study – Synagogues Past and Present

Permanent exhibition – models, prayers, artifacts, music and videos of synagogues around the world

Heroes – Trailblazers of the Jewish People

Heroes – a permanent exhibition for children (5-12) and families 
-Please order tickets in advance-

I’m Ready My Lord – A Display in Memory of Leonard Cohen

Special video display in memory of Leonard Cohen. The Museum of the Jewish People main lobby.


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