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3: The Stories - You Are Part of the Story

During the program, each student-senior pair completes a worksheet that represents another fascinating chapter in the story of the Jewish people, which is then posted online as part of the Museum of the Jewish People’s collection of the greater ongoing story of the Jewish people: www.ravdori.co.il

The students and older participants fill out a “G2G Worksheet” or G2G Powerpoint Presentation during the lessons, on the basis of which the story is posted.

These stories represent the completed document recorded together by students and older participants during the program. In addition to documenting stories, the pairs post photos and images as well as links to PowerPoint presentations and filmed videos. While documenting the story, students choose a memorable quote and a new word they learned from the senior.  Click on this map to visit and view stories according to the birthplace of the participants, representing countries from around of the world!

Click on these example stories in English:

Yom Kippur in SaipanFrom Zambia to IsraelAlways Intent on Settling in Israel

Currently, anyone entering the story collection has an option to search the Hebrew site where all the English stories are posted. Shortly, G2G will be available on a multi-language site so visitors worldwide can be educated and enriched by these unique stories.

Documenting a Story Worksheet OR Documenting a Story PowerPoint (Note: it is required to pick one of the two! These formats include all the information needed to upload the story to the worldwide story collection)