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MFS – Add Your Story



Add Your Story


  • Explore the Online Family Story Collection.
  • Students can add stories from their own families and share with others.
  • Students grasp their important role in documenting and preserving their family’s stories for future generations.
  • Students become partners with ANU – Museum of the Jewish People in our goal of capturing Jewish stories from around the world

Online Family Story Collection 

The Online Family Story Collection is a database based on stories collected in G2G: Generation to Generation, or HaKesher HaRav Dori, an innovative intergenerational project from the Israeli Ministries of Education and Social Equality, and ANU – Museum of the Jewish People. The collection has over 16,000 stories of Jews around the world, uploaded largely by students such as your own. If you have been using this database as a resource throughout the duration of your My Family Story curriculum, now your time to invite students to upload their family stories they collected in their interviews. It is not a mandatory part of My Family Story, but it adds a great deal of depth and excitement to know that one’s family history has been documented and published for other students around the world to read. Each ‘story’ is the profile of one of the student’s family members. This can be done in class or at home. 

This is a great way to have your students’ written research and photos preserved as part of a worldwide Jewish collection, to be easily shared and appreciated by other family members and available to the wider world.

If you have not done so yet, please explore the database and see the format of already uploaded stories. We recommend looking through the stories available to get an idea of what to upload.

To upload a story, please first request a log-in code from leebat@anumuseum.org.il

Next, students enter basic info about themselves. We ask for an email so there is a way for you to log-in and edit your story. We will not use this email for publication or advertising purposes. The geographical information (city, country, school) will help us categorize the stories so future users can access stories such as yours by clicking on the city or country it was uploaded in. Click here to see the world map of all of the uploaded stories. 

The second page asks for information about the family member profiled, and the third asks for information about the student. 

The fourth page is the story itself. Students upload:

  • The text of the story
  • Headlines
  • Photos of the interviewee from the past as well as today with the student
  • New words the student learned from the interviewee (can be in a new language or in their native language)
  • Special quotes
  • Tags on central themes in the story, such as ‘Holidays’ or ‘Israel’, that future users can select to find stories such as these 
  • Language the story is in 

Click here for an easy-to-use student worksheet

Students are then asked to review their upload before publishing it. After approved by the website administrator, it will become available on the site, and students can share their work with other family and friends by sending the link. 

Click on these example stories in English:

Yom Kippur in Saipan

From Zambia to Israel 

Always Intent on Settling in Israel