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ANU – Museum of the Jewish People

We invite groups of adults, students and kids of all ages from around the world to participate in innovative online tours and courses.  In an hour-long online live session, your group will tour the museum in Tel Aviv with a museum educator who works only with your group, from the comfort of a participant’s own smartphone or computer. The tours are interactive, and allow each participant to ask questions and share ideas with the group throughout the session.  This experience is just like taking an in-person tour.

The tours can be enjoyed as a single session, or we can form together a year-long program with both online and offline content. The tours are held over Zoom and cost $100 per tour, which can include as many participants as you would like.


Brand New – Live! Highlights Tour

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Explore highlights of the spectacular new museum to learn about the unique and ongoing story of the Jewish People. We will make stops on each of 3 expansive floors of the new building, where the diversity of the Jewish world is revealed through extraordinary artifacts, state-of-the-art displays, immersive video and world-class art.  Topics include: modern Jewish identity and culture, the historical journey of the Jewish people from Biblical times to the present, and the foundations of Jewish life.


Live! The New Museum – Wonder Women

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Meet the Jewish women who made significant contributions to society throughout the ages. What roles did they have? What impact do they have on our lives today? What paths did they forge? Meet some of the well-known and lesser known characters, including Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Estée Lauder, Dona Gracia, Osnat Brazeni and Esther Korkus.

Live! Hallelujah! Assemble, Pray, Study – Synagogues Past and Present

What stories do synagogues tell? On this tour, we will explore synagogues from Syria, Poland, Curacao, Holland, the U.S. and more, to discover the unique identities of Jews that pray (or prayed) there, and their commonalities. This gallery, based on the famous collection of (the former) Beit Hatfutsot synagogue models, showcases how these structures act not only as prayer spaces, but as community centers. We will encourage participants to reflect on their own Jewish spaces and ask: what do these spaces say about my personal Jewish story?


Live! Com.unity Around the World

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Credit: com.unity

Join us for a celebration of the global Jewish experience through stories about more familiar and lesser-known Jewish Com.unities! The tour begins with up-to-date demographic data, continues with a “sneak peek” around the brand-new museum and concludes with inspiring stories about diverse communities and their sources of strength and resilience.

We will explore the museum’s unprecedented Com.unity experience, hear stories, such as the journey of a Torah scroll over the mountains from Ethiopia to Tanzania, and meet the French motorcyclists who ride in joy. We invite you to reflect on the role that your communities play in your life today.


Live! Let There Be Laughter – Jewish Humor Around the World

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Am Yisrael HA! What makes Jews so funny? And how did “The People of the Book” turn out to be superstar writers, producers and comedians? On this tour, we will take a lighthearted look at the origins of Jewish humor and the major contributions of Jews to the rise of a global industry. We will celebrate the diversity and vitality of Jewish humor, and explore how elements of Jewish joking have remained constant regardless of time, place, and language.


Live! Jewish Art and Culture

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The story of the Jewish people has been beautifully told through art, literature and architecture for centuries. Creative outlets have allowed Jews to express their beliefs, transmit collective histories to the next generation, and process the harsh realities of anti-Semitism. In this tour, we will look at different platforms of Jewish art and culture, including synagogue art from the Persian Empire, the humorous writings of Sholem Aleichem, and Israeli Purim masks from the Gulf War.


Live! American Jews

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The story of Jews in the United States is one of diversity, contribution, and triumph. This tour will focus on the social, cultural and religious history of Jewish Americans, analyzing the significance of both the Touro Synagogue (1763), and Seinfeld television series (1990’s), with everything in between. We will ask the questions, “What role does my American identity play in my Jewish identity? And vice versa? Is it possible to separate the two?” We will also emphasize the diversity of the Jewish experience by comparing and contrasting American Jewish tradition with that of other communities around the world.


Live! Generations Mifgash (Encounter)

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This activity brings together children and grandparents from around the world. Grandchildren and grandparents log on to the group Zoom session, each from their own computer and community, and delve into a fun and meaningful meeting between the generations. Both generations explore family stories together, and discuss similarities and differences between growing up now and in pre-internet times. The session is led by a museum educator skilled in leading intergenerational tours and activities.

Recommended for ages 4-8, and their grandparents or older family members.


Live! Telling the Story: Focus on Sephardic communities and Jews of Middle East and North Africa

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The women of the Attias family, Fez, Morocco, 1939 Photo: Gerard Levy, France, Beit Hatfutsot, the Oster Visual Documentation Center, courtesy of Gerard Levy

We will focus on the stories of Sephardic Jews, and Jewish communities from the Middle East and North Africa. With tastes of the Hallelujah! Assemble, Pray, Study – Synagogues Past and Present exhibition, stops in the brand-new museum, and a look at online museum databases and innovative educational programs, participants will be introduced to the different Jewish stories coming from these parts of the globe and the various ways those stories are told.

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