International Marketing Committee

Ricky Shechtel – Chair:  a Barnard graduate and former marketing executive, Ricky is a founding partner of PELIE (the Partnership for Effective Learning and Innovative Education) and JTFN (Jewish Teen Funders Network). In 2003, Ricky founded the JCYF (Jewish Community Youth Foundation) of Princeton, a youth philanthropy program for Jewish teens.

She served as Jewish Funders Network Board Chair from 2006 – 2008.

George Blumenthal: A pioneer in the cable business, George has been a passionate advocate for disseminating Jewish history, archeology, and achievements of the Jewish People through the web to educate both Jews and non-Jews on the power and dynamism of the Jewish People.

Philip M. Darivoff: Chairman of the National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia, Phil serves as Chairman of the Board of DFG Investment Advisers and Chairman of the Board of DFG’s parent company, Vibrant Capital Partners, LLC. He previously held several senior positions in Goldman Sachs, where he served for 27 years.

Tzili Doron Charney: former costume designer and artist. She and her late husband have supported many Jewish and medical causes as diverse as the Museum of the Jewish People to Haifa Medical School, to NYU Cardiology to Yeshiva University.

Jeffery Farber: head of the Koret Foundation, based in San Francisco. Before his tenure at the Koret Foundation, Jeff worked in banking and financial services. He serves on many boards, Jewish and non-Jewish.

Mike Leven: a political influencer, who worked as the former COO of The Sands. Additionally, Mike is the former CEO of Holiday Inn; former Chair of Birthright Strategic Planning Committee, The Chair of The Georgia Aquarium, and the Vice Chair of The Bernie Marcus Foundation.

Yuri Radzievsky: Chair and CEO of Globalworks Group, Yuri has spent his much of his professional life in marketing and branding, pioneering a “brands without borders” approach to global advertising.

David Roth: an expert on digital technology and branding with an area of expertise in China, David is CEO EMEA and Asia at The Store, WPP’s retail consultancy. He is also a photographer and works on the retail side of branding.

Randol Schoenberg: Randol was the attorney for the late Maria Altman, the heir to the infamous Gustav Klimt 5 painting series of Adele Bloch-Bauer, Mrs. Altman’s late aunt. He was able to retrieve the paintings on behalf of Maria after a long legal battle. He previously served as the chair of the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust.

Sofia Segal: a long standing supporter of the Museum of the Jewish People, Sofia is a retired engineer and a board member of the Jewish Home and Hospital. She has also been a Birthright contributor and a supporter on the capital side of the Manhattan JCC.

Dorothy (Dot) Tannenbaum – owned a popular NY art gallery that represented American artists and estates for 25 years and ran a children’s Jewish book press. Dorothy was the Chair of the Jewish Funders Network, and Facing History. She is currently on the Board of Governors for the Jewish Agency.