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G2G - Getting Started

This project, which involves young students and seniors, is an opportunity to bring together the classroom and community, in order to create encounters between different ages, skills and strengths focusing on Jewish peoplehood. The role of the educator is to create a setting for an intergenerational encounter, whether at a day school, Hebrew school, community center or local synagogue.  This atmosphere instills a positive and inspiring environment which enables both the participants’ needs and the project’s goals to be achieved in an enjoyable way. Each age group shares its strengths and both sides benefit. Everyone comes to share and to receive.

Adaptability The program is easily adaptable to the participants’ varying ages and backgrounds. The number of sessions, topics and activities that the students and seniors do together can be tailored to each school’s resources and schedule

The core model: The younger and older participants meet regularly during the program. Each student is paired with one senior for the duration of the project, fostering a personal connection and close ties.

In each meeting, the content and dialogue of their conversation focuses on the personal history and life stories that the senior shares. The student introduces the senior to technology skills, in relation to the senior’s story (internet searches, maps, images, videos etc.). Together, they document the adult’s story, which is then posted on the ANU – Museum of the Jewish People’s online Internet story collection.

What’s the student target age? Fifth grade and up.

Who are the seniors? Any members of the older generation. They can include: grandparents of students in the school, neighborhood synagogue members or participants in local Jewish centers or programs for older adults.

What is the time frame? Very flexible. We recommend 8 meetings, but the program can be adapted to any school schedule. Contact us for further details

What else do I need? The setting includes computers, laptops or tablets. Ideally one per pair.

Can I tie the program in with other topics from the classroom? Definitely. Other topics currently being taught in the classroom – such as holidays, leadership, Jewish identity, heroes, decision making and family connections – can be explored in the discussions and stories documented by together by the two generations.