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Framing the Story: Grandparent-Grandchildren Photography Initiative

Family Photo Reenactment

Sharing family stories provide a rich opportunity for our grandchildren to learn of our families’ histories and journeys and provide a window into our share Jewish narrative.   Being isolated from friends and family members during the Covid 19 pandemic has been difficult for us all.  We have heard from many grandparents how deeply they miss spending time with their grandchildren. In this time of social distancing, maintaining contact with friends and family is more important than ever. This initiative offers a unique approach to bring grandparents and grandchildren together in an exciting new way.

Framing the Story invites grandparents to reach into your family photo albums and find pictures of family members of generations that have past; your grandparents and great-grandparents, great aunts, uncles and cousins. Once you choose an interesting photo, invite your grandchildren to reenact the photo using clothing and props found around the house.  Sharing the photos and recreating the images will create a wonderful opportunity to share the story behind that photo. You can then send in your photos to be part of a worldwide intergenerational story collection!

How does it work?

  • Grandparents choose an old photo from a family photo album and send it to their grandchildren.

Tips: This is an opportunity to explore old photos, and choose photos that have a special story to them.  They can be photos of people in special poses, of a special occasion or photos taken in an interesting location.

Once you’ve chosen a photo, we recommend taking a picture of the photo or using a basic scan app to then emailing or message it to your grandchildren.

  • The grandchildren reenact the photo, using clothing and creative props that they find around the house. The grandchildren send back the photo to the grandparents.

Tips: Be creative! Old costumes, props, toys, kitchen items, interesting backgrounds and more are great tools for a fun and interesting re-enactment. If the photo is in black and white, feel free to imagine what colors were included in the original seen.

Take a picture of the re-enactment and send it back to your grandparents.

  • Grandparents tell the grandchildren the story behind the photo.

Tips: Grandparents can write the story or share on a phone or video call. We recommend sharing it in a zoom call, that can be recorded, so you can save the story on video.

Optional: We would love to have your photos be part of the museum worldwide story collection, which includes over 18,000 Jewish stories from around the world.

Please send in the original photo and the reenacted photo together with your full name, country of birth, and story behind the photo. Our email is: pola@anumuseum.org.il

By transferring the information to ANU – Museum of the Jewish People you agree that the attached story and pictures may be published and entered into the story collection and museum databases. Anyone entering our worldwide story collection and the museum databases can read and learn from your stories

Further exploration: Click on the map to view Jewish stories from that country. Stories can be uploaded in any language, and using google translate you can read further stories from around the world.

Get inspired here – view previous reenactments as part of the museum’s G2G: Generation to Generation Program and the stories behind them.  https://www.anumuseum.org.il/education/g2g-generation-generation/framing-the-story/


Most important: Have fun!