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  • Mr. Itamar Kremer

    Mr. Itamar Kremer

    Director, The Koret International School for Jewish Peoplehood, the Museum of the Jewish People 

    Itamar Kremer is director of the Koret International School for Jewish Peoplehood at ANU – Museum of the Jewish People. Managing a full staff of professionals, he works to instill Jewish Peoplehood consciousness among Jews worldwide that fosters involvement with and a commitment to the Jewish People. He oversees an array of interactive, informal, supplementary, international, multi-lingual and multi-cultural programs and initiatives that serve as an international platform for defining and advancing Jewish Peoplehood via museum education and educational professional development.

    Formerly Itamar served as director of the “Shitim” high school in the Arava area, and in various management positions in formal and non-formal education. He was also an Aliyah delegate of the Jewish Agency in U.S.A.

    Itamar takes part in social reforms processes; he is a social activist and publicist, as well as a commander in the army reserves.

    Itamar Kremer is an MA graduate in Political Studies department at Bar-Ilan University and an MA in Law and Government from the IDC Herzliya.



  • Ms. Tami Servadio

    Ms. Tami Servadio

    Director of Educational Program Development

    Master’s in art history; formerly coordinator of The Museum of the Jewish People’s new wing; educational program developer.



  • Ms. Chen Saar Cohen

    Ms. Chen Saar Cohen

    Director of Museum Public Education

    MA The Interdisciplinary Program in the Arts. Educational facilitator ; formerly Educational Coordinator, Cultural Cooperation Unit, French Embassy; Hebrew teacher, U.S.A.




  • Mr. Assaf Gamzou

    Mr. Assaf Gamzou

    Director of Professional Engagement

    Assaf Gamzou is an alumnus of the “Ofakim” Scholarship program at Tel-Aviv University, where he received his B.A. (Com Laude, 2010) in Jewish Philosophy and Comparative Literature, as well as a teaching certificate in Jewish Thought. Upon graduation he started teaching at the high school and college level courses on Jewish history and philosophy, education and technology.

    He has studied at The Ruderman Program for American Jewish Studies graduate program.  Between 2013 to 2016 he worked as curator of the Israeli Cartoon Museum, where he has curated exhibitions, both Israeli and International, on editorial cartoons, comics and graphic novels.




  • Ms. Dina Rozmarin

    Ms. Dina Rozmarin

    Administrative Assistant, The Koret International School for Jewish Peoplehood 



  • Ms. Martha Mazo

    Ms. Martha Mazo

    Coordinator, My Family Story Project

    Bachelor of Education, Sociology and Psychology, Argentina. Formerly guide and coordinator, Douglas E. Goldman Jewish Genealogy Center of the Museum of the Jewish People.

    Martha founded “My Family Story” in 1995.



  • Ms. Rivka Aderet

    Ms. Rivka Aderet

    Director and Developer of Jewish and Israeli Cinema Programs

    Bachelor in Cinema and Television studies, Bachelor of Education.

    Rivka’s email: rivka@anumuseum.org.il

  • Ms. Lindsay Shapiro

    Ms. Lindsay Shapiro

    Director of International English Programming

    Lindsay Shapiro holds a BA in History from New York University and an MA in Holocaust Studies from the University of Haifa. Her focus of research was Polish Jewry in the 20th century, specifically on post-WWII Polish Jewish life. She was an educator at The Museum of the Jewish People prior to working with International Programming. Lindsay has worked with Jewish communities and museums around the world: with the Museum of Jewish Heritage and Congregation Beth Elohim in New York, the POLIN Museum in Warsaw, and Yad Vashem and Taglit in Israel.



  • Ms. Ofra Israeli

    Ms. Ofra Israeli

    Director, “G2G” Program

    A degree in humanities, a certificate in information science from Tel Aviv University, a certificate in Computer Applications and design from ORT. Formerly coordinator of ICT in education. Ofra has a 26 years experience as a teacher and educator, specializing in introducing computers into teaching, and various ICT topics.




  • Ms. Tami Green

    Ms. Tami Green

    Advisor, the national “G2G” program

    A degree in humanities, Master’s degree in education and Behavioural science, a Certificate in Journalism Studies from Bar Ilan University, a certificate in information science from Tel Aviv University, a certificate in Organization development in educational organizations from Tel Vviv university. Formerly principal of ORT Rehovot junior high school, inspector at the ORT network, director of national ICT program, coordinator of national courses system in the Technology and Science Directorate of the Ministry of Education, and many other activities in teachers training centers, adults education center, heritage center, and the pedagogical chamber of the Ministry of Education.



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  • Ms. Rima Usmanov

    Ms. Rima Usmanov

    Coordinator of “My Family Story” in Europe and CIS




  • Michal Weiss

    Michal Weiss

    International Programs Coordinator