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3G - Three Generations in the State of Israel

-Exhibit is Removed-

Since 14 May 1948, three generations of Israelis have been born into a State that is no longer just a dream, but has become an established fact. In honor of the State of Israel’s 65th anniversary, Beit Hatfutsot chose to highlight the stories of Israelis born during the first year of the State, and the connection between them and the generation of 21st century Israelis. The “first” generation and the “third” generation of native-born Israelis and the multi-generational connection between them, opens a window to the past, present and future we all share.

The Noon Family (photos: Reli Avrahami)

The Noon Family (photos: Reli Avrahami)



Lilach Shoham, Shula Liani


The exhibit presents twelve stories, products of the G2G: Generation to Generation Program, a national program jointly sponsored by the Ministry for Senior Citizens, the Ministry of Education and Beit Hatfusot – Museum of the Jewish People. The program is a “3G” encounter, bringing together schoolchildren and senior citizens through the learning of technology and the use of computers. Together, they document the life stories of the senior citizens, using digital tools.

While Israel and the first generation born in the State are already 65 years old, are they really “elderly”? “Senior citizens”? How wide is “the generation gap”? We invite you to connect to the stories of the “3G” twosomes and decide for yourself.

The documentation process presented was carried out by Reli Avrahami (photographer) and Avner Avrahami (journalist), led by the G2G: Generation to Generation team.