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Our society embraces the young and tends to minimize – or overlook – significant past and current contributions that seniors and aging loved ones have made to their family, community and society.

There is often a wide gap between the generations.  When the younger generation asks “Ma Nishtana?” at the Passover seder, it is a key moment in Jewish tradition because our collective memory is being relayed from generation to generation.

Telling a personal story can often bridge the gap between the younger and older generations, enabling seniors to share their family and community’s collective Jewish history that is replete with traditions, memories, knowledge and moving stories.

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About the Program

G2G: Generation to Generation is a program whereby two different generations are linked via high tech and history. It is based on a successful Israeli initiative undertaken by ANU – Museum of the Jewish People, in cooperation with the Israeli Ministry of Social Equality*. Jewish students are paired with Jewish older adults for mutually beneficial learning. The students share knowledge hi-tech and apps, while the adults relay the value of personal and collective narratives. Together they enrich their Jewish identity, history, collective memory and technical skills.

G2G has been instituted at over 400 schools throughout Israel, reaching 10,000 participants annually. It addresses intergenerational relations and tolerance, ageism in the community, and Jewish peoplehood. The partners meet regularly in a school or community setting, where the students introduce new hi-tech abilities while learning the life stories of the adults – becoming familiar with their background, values and heritage. Each pair together documents a chapter in the fascinating story of the Jewish people, which is then posted online as part of the Museum of the Jewish People’s worldwide story collection.

Building on its success in Israel, this valuable program is now available to English, Russian and Spanish speaking communities, with the power to connect generations within the Jewish people.

* The program is called HaKesher HaRav Dori הקשר הרב דורי, or G2G: Generation to Generation



G2G Highlights

  • Creates intergenerational dialogue, tolerance and mutual learning.
  • Connects the younger generation to the Jewish community – via individual Jewish narratives and the greater ongoing story of the Jewish people. Students learn about childhoods, family customs, Jewish communities and organizations directly from personal encounters.
  • Documents vanishing life stories and previously untold “chapters of history.”
  • Bridges the technological gap between the older and younger generations.
  • Encourages senior involvement and activity.
  • Reinforces values such as tolerance, volunteerism, young leadership, and Tsedakah.
  • Builds and strengthens school & community teamwork.
  • Links and networks Jewish schools in the global Jewish community.

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Email: kesher.rav.dori@bh.org.il
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