Mazal U’Bracha: Myth and Prejudice in Contemporary Israeli Art

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Exhibition catalogue: the exhibition “Mazal U’Bracha” (Heb. Luck or fortune and a blessing) unfolds an array of social references to amulets and signs of luck, as manifested in contemporary Israeli art. Published by Beit Hatfutsot in 2014, paperback, 65 pages, English/Hebrew. [EXHIBITION CLOSED 9.12.15]

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This well-illustrated book explores themes and concepts such as superstition, Jewish and universal myths, blessings, prayers, and folk remedies from diverse perspectives which range from faith and acceptance to a critical approach. The featured artistic works are based on recognition of the human need to belong and feel protected, stemming from the realization that culture, myths, folklore, and faith form a dynamic system, which constantly nourishes itself by means of accumulation and selection, and through a sense of belonging.
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