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NEVE MIDBAR (Oasis) – Songs of Jewish-Yemenite Women and Israeli Songs

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Lea Avraham performs traditional Yemenite songs and Israeli songs. An exclusive production of Beit Hatfutsot

BTR 9503 (CD & MC)

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In this CD, Lea Avraham performs traditional songs which she learned from her mother, as well as Israeli songs that shaped her artistic and creative development. Avraham’s rendition of the Yeminite songs in this selection is true to the original version of the songs, which are accompanied solely by percussion instruments. Rafi Kadishson arranged the selection of Israeli songs. Arrangements: Rafi Kadishson. Rafi Kadishson, piano; Oren Balaban, Roni Holan – percussion; Lior Eitan, flute; Yoram Alperin, cello; Enosh Avraham-Nahum, singer
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