Him Too? Oz Almog’s Consize Index Judaeorum. A Chronicle of a Cultural Obsession

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Exhibition Catalogue: Almog’s variated oil paintings uniquely depict more than 400 Jewish people. Published by Beit Hatfutsot in 1999, paperback, English.

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In alphabetical order, Almog presents a large sequence of heroes and anti-heroes whose one common denominator is their Jewish origin. Figures such as Baruch Spinoza, Bob Dylan and Rosa Luxemburg make appearances in his visual narrative of notable Jews. The various personalities selected cross the boundaries of social strata and thus reveal how it changed over Judaism's long history: representatives from the Bible, mythological and heroic tales, Nobel laureates, politicians, soldiers, humanists, celebrities, saints, outcasts, gangsters and murderers – all are Jewish people who made history within and outside of Jewish culture.
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