Let There Be Laughter - Jewish Humor Around the World

Start exercising your facial muscles for some serious laughing, as we launch a special new exhibition, exploring Jewish Humor.

What makes Jews so funny?  And how did “The People of the Book” turn out to be superstar writers, producers and comedians? The museum takes a lighthearted look at the origins of Jewish humor and the major contributions of Jews to the rise of a global industry.

This exhibition explores why Jews take their jokes so seriously. It celebrates the diversity and vitality of Jewish humor and explores how elements of Jewish joking have remained constant regardless of time, place, and language.  Along the way, we’ll have some fun.

The exhibition includes cutting edge interactive stations to allow visitors to have their say about what makes them laugh. Our vision is that the exhibition, rich in history and challenging questions about culture in the present, will also become a space of laughter and joy for anyone who walks in.


Opening: 29 March, 2018

Curators: Asaf Galay, Michal Houminer

Chief Curator: Dr. Orit Shaham Gover

“Stand Up” film: script, editing: Amir Ben Sira, director: Karen Hochma

 Exhibition Map (Click to enlarge)