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ANU – Museum of the Jewish People Presents:

Summer Camp: Fun Packed Activities for Families

1-31 August, 2021

Kindly note, according to new COVID regulations, Green Pass is required in order to enter the museum. Thank you for your cooperation.

This August, the largest Jewish museum in the world, the only one to deliver the comprehensive Jewish story in an enjoyable way, accessible to all, offers the most delightful activities for children and families in our chilled, spacious, lovely new galleries.

ANU Summer Camp: Our professional team composed a special program, combining both educative activities along with quality pastime for the whole family, that forms an unforgettable experience throughout the new museum.

The kit costs 15 NIS (in addition to the admission ticket), and is available in the museum only.

We also offer the “Heroes” gallery, our interactive exhibition for children aged 6-12, and the ANU for Kids audio tour, narrated (in Hebrew) by Yuval Malhi, the loved and talented Israeli children podcaster. His voice will guide the kids throughout the museum and challenge them with riddles and games. Available through our app: ANU app, both included in the ticket.

Scheduling a time slot for the “Heroes” gallery – in advance only! CLICK HERE

ANU Family: A Fun Kit for Exploring the Museum

(From age 7)
Kit is available in Hebrew only

Comprising of riddles, stickers, maps, and an I.D. Bracelet, the kit will take you – children and parents – on an educative and bonding tour focusing on the concept of family. Learn what is a family, meet various Jewish family worldwide, explore the customs they practice, the food they prepare, choose your favorite family dish, answer a musical quiz, learn about the origins of your family, and about your given names, et al. The I.D. Bracelet enables you to scan up to 80 3D magnificent exhibits, and to save them on your mobile or desktop as memories from your visit.

Summer 2021 at ANU - Museum of the Jewish People

Summer 2021 at ANU - Museum of the Jewish People

Summer 2021 at ANU - Museum of the Jewish People


Important Instructions

  • No Green Pass regulations; wearing a face mask is mandatory; hand sanitizers are available throughout the museum.
  • The ANU Family kit has a separate cost of 15 NIS, available at the desk and gift shop.
  • The Heroes Gallery only works in hour-and-a-half regular time slots. You must order in advance to the desired time. The ticket you order is valid to all galleries. Kindly arrive on time, as the “Heroes” tour ends on time. For more details CLICK HERE.
  • A complimentary guided tour is held Sunday-Thursday at 5pm. Tours are included in admittance fee. In addition, numerous guides are present in the galleries, for you to ask and learn. For more details CLICK HERE.
  • We recommend the audio Highlight Tour, via ANU app. Kindly bring your own headphones. We also offer a limited number of audio guide devices, free of charge, on which all our audio tours are available.
  • Tickets to the Heroes Gallery are limited and must be ordered in advance. Ordering in advance the rest of the activities is also recommended.
  • If you are a member of a benefit club, kindly purchase the ticket in the club’s app or site, then order a non-paid ticket at our site, using your club’s name. Upon your arrival, kindly show your purchase confirmation at the desk.
  • Irregular visiting times, getting here, parking, et al – CLICK HERE.
  • Have more questions? Ask us! Use our WhatsApp number: 03-7457808

Summer 2021 at ANU - Museum of the Jewish People

Summer 2021 at ANU - Museum of the Jewish People Summer 2021 at ANU - Museum of the Jewish People Summer 2021 at ANU - Museum of the Jewish People