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Lecture in Russian: Marc Chagall – An Introduction to Jewish Theatre

Friday, October 1, 10am

The Moscow State Jewish Theatre was established in 1920. The chief set designer was Marc Chagall, who introduced a modern, kicking, extraordinary approach. His theatrical works suffered the same tragic fate as the theatre itself. These are dynamic, symbolic, energetic works of art, that miraculously survived, and have been displayed all over the world since the 1990s. They represent both the peak of Chagall’s artistic career as well as a dramatic turning point in his personal life, as he left Russia for good in 1922.

Lecturer: Yelena Galinski

Guided tours:

  • An introduction to the new museum: Mosaic | Journey | Foundations
  • A thematic tour: Jews in theatre and cinema

Lecture and tours are held in Russian

Tickets: 52 NIS

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