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Forging the Melting Pot [Closed]
Opening: April 10, 2014
Exhibition Curator: Amit Zoller | Yaacov Israel

About the Exhibition

The exhibition displays 17 art works, all photographs of students at WIZO Haifa Academy of Design and Education. The works attempt to recreate and interpret current life in Israel. As one image follows another, a viewpoint is formed which suggests something about us as a society and a culture as seen through the eyes of young photographers surveying the landscape, the people, and social and cultural phenomena.

The varied points of view represented in the exhibition constitute a pictorial journal. Taken together, they give us yet another perspective of the components of Israeli society.

Curators: Amit Zoller, Yaacov Israel, photography & Media studies at Wizo School of design.

Artists: Yaniv Alon, Poli Blum, Sophie Brooks‎‏, Yael Goldsmid, Nofar Hasson Hendelman, Ofir Yona, Karin Lapidot, Hadas Mualem, Doron Oved, Uzi Porat, Hagai Frid, Orly Perl Nir, Omry Keren Lapidot, Rotem Roznai, Nadav Rotem, Roni Shvide Hazan.

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On display until July 3, 2014.