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photo: Maxim Maximov

photo: Maxim Maximov

Professional Development

The Koret school for international peoplehood studies is proud to present professional development workshops, aimed at educators, community leaders and museum professionals.

Decoding the museum – ANU – Museum of the Jewish people is at a unique crossroads – it is now undergoing a massive renewal effort, that will result in an entirely new museum. Using this opportunity, this track invites participants to analyze the museum’s message, how it has changed through the years and what will it be in the future. Through this spectrum we also touch upon Israeli history, American-Israel relationships and changing paradigms of Jewish collectivity.

The track includes two tour sessions and a classroom workshop, and is intended for educators, lay leaders and museum professionals.

The Israel in the room – In the last 15 years, the state of Israel has morphed from a mostly unifying factor for Jews around the world to a contentious subject, especially for American Jewry. This track wishes to touch on the historical and current reasons we reached this situation, and how we can promote an honest and open discussion about Israel in our communities and classrooms.

The track includes two workshop sessions and a guided tour, and is aimed for educators and community leaders.

Jewish Education beyond text – Jewish education has a profound, deep and long history which, like many of the rituals and practices of the Jewish people, are tied around text. Be it the Bible itself, the Mishna, Talmud and their interpretations in the more traditional educational frames, or the entirety of Jewish and Hebrew modern literature in the “Jewish renaissance” of the last 20 years, the text has a foundational place in Jewish identity and education. This track aims to expand our practices beyond the text realm, and see how we can utilize Jewish material and visual culture in our classrooms and workshops.

The track includes a workshop and guided tour of the museum.



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