Treasuring Communities:  Different Ways to Share Your Community Story

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Treasuring Communities:  

Different Ways to Share Your Community Story

Treasuring Communities invites educators and students to delve into the story of their Jewish community. There are many ways to tell a story and share it with others. Students learn about different ways of telling their community story utilizing various creative mediums such as video, photographs, personal interviews and sound bites.  Participants research, discover, and document their findings. The relevant entries are uploaded to the renewed Beit Hatfutsot databases and become part of the online Museum of the Jewish People.

About the Program

Treasuring Communities is based on a program developed by The Museum of the Jewish People at Beit Hatfutsot in cooperation with the Israeli Ministry of Education and Hefzibah, for schools in Eastern European countries.

Educators and students explore and document the history of Jewish communities, preserving the rich culture of global Jewry while developing skills and building intergenerational connections. By collecting this significant data, both past, and present, young participants connect with their communities and enrich the leading databases in the Jewish world.

Project Objectives – What do students gain by participating?

  • Partnership in the process of enriching the museum’s databases, by providing it with updated information about their communities
  • Understanding of their communities’ Jewish history
  • Greater insight into Jewish history at large, while connecting to their personal stories and increasing their involvement in their communities
  • Involvement of the younger generation in collecting and preserving their local history
  • Skills in interviewing, compiling texts, processing documents
  • Learn how to become storytellers by using the mediums of photography or film
  • Research experience in the fields of history, architecture, religion, sociology, and anthropology

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Educator’s Guide

The following educator’s guide includes three lessons to be run in a group setting before your students embark on their own investigative journeys.

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  • Lesson 1: You Are Part of the Story - Jewish Communities Around the World

  • Lesson 2: Illustrating Jewish Stories Told Through Art and Architecture

  • Lesson 3: Placing the community in historical perspective – What is our history?

  • Lesson 4: Observing artistic mediums as tools to tell a story of a community – preparing to the final project

  • Lesson 5: Final Project

  • Formatting Guidelines for Treasuring Communities