Purchasing Images

If you are interested in acquiring pictures found in the Museum of the Jewish People collections following your search form, you may purchase scans of these images. The following is information on purchasing:

Orders of high resolution scans for reproduction purposes should include the following specific requirements:
Size of final picture in cm. or as A3/A4/A5 sizes.
Technique of scanning: CMYK, Greyscale, RGB.
The format of file – tiff, jpg, etc.
Type of computer – PC / MAC
High-resolution scans will be delivered on CD-Rom, by e-mail or as FTP files available for downloading from the website of the Museum of the Jewish People, depending on file size and/or format.

List of Prices for non-Israeli Customers (price per item in US$*):

  • Low resolution (72-100dpi) 2.00
  • Scans for PowerPoint presentations 5.00
  • New scans (low resolution) 10.00
  • High resolution scans up to 10MB 15.00
  • High resolution scansup to 50MB 20.00
  • High resolution scansup to 100MB 25.00
  • High resolution scans over 100MB 30.00
  • Preparation of CD-ROM up to 100MB 15.00
  • Preparation of CD-ROM over 100 MB 20.00
  • Photoshop, per hour 35.00
  • Image computer printout (reference only) 2.00
  • Postage (airmail, registered) 10.00

*The above prices do not include usage fees.


Terms and Conditions for Rights of Reproduction and/or Publication

Conditions of use and usage fees are determined according to the material and the intended use for which it is requested.
Permission to reproduce images from the Museum of the Jewish People collections is granted for the sole purpose as stated on the order form.
The customer may not transfer to a third party any images received from the Museum of the Jewish People, regardless of the format in which they were supplied – prints / slides / transparencies / scans.