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Jewish Music Collection

Visitors to the Feher Jewish Music Center may personalize their visit by requesting recordings at individual listening booths, each equipped with a touch-screen monitor. They can browse through the database of biographies; find any single piece of music by its title, opening words, textual source, composer and writer, ethnic or religious tradition, geographical origin, language, period, content, performer, and more; listen to music pieces or view films featuring musical performances, traditions and musicians.

Traditional pieces of music in the collection fall in the following three categories:

  • Liturgical songs. Synagogal songs in Hebrew and Aramaic; Torah readings and prayers.
  • Paraliturgical songs. Sacred songs in Hebrew sung at home as part of the yearly cycle – the Sabbath and festivals, or the life cycle – circumcision, wedding, death.
  • Everyday songs. Usually sung by women, some in Hebrew, though most are in the vernacular languages spoken by Jews throughout the Diaspora – Yiddish, Judeo-Espagnol, Arabic, Geez, Juhuri and many local dialects.


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