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About the Memi De-Shalit Database of Jewish Family Names

The Memi De-Shalit Database of Jewish Family Names is the only digital collection of Jewish family names in the world. This unparalleled, world renowned collection of Jewish family names contains nearly 20,000 entries and growing.

The database includes information on the origin and meaning of family names used by Jewish families from all over the world, in many languages. The database holds information about name etymology, word variants, name migration, and earliest known occurrences. In addition, readers may discover other Jews who happen to have the same surname as theirs.

The database of Jewish family names is the result of decades of dedicated work by many experts. The explanations are based on a wide array of sources: scientific researches, onomastic and other dictionaries, Jewish traditional sources etc. as well as information provided by members of the public. As a rule, no explanation has been included into the database unless it is attested by at least two independent sources.

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