Festival of lights goes upscale – Meet the world’s most expensive Menorahs

The World’s Most Expensive Hanukah Menorahs

The Hanukkah spirit around the family Menorah is truly priceless. For something a bit more fancy you may need your credit card. 

(top photo: Reddish Studio)



1.  A rare menorah from 18th-century, Ukraine

Jonathan Greenstein is a prominent dealer and auctioneer specializing in Judaica . And as demand for such items has soared. Greenstein says prices have easily doubled in the past decade — menorahs are no exception. In fact, Greenstein, sold a particularly elaborate menorah, made in Ukraine in the 18th century, for $100,000 at an auction. (Photo courtesy of Jonathan Greenstein)



2. Menorah Sculpture

This vintage menorah sculpture, designed by Yaakov Agam, is composed of 35 movable branches in honor of the 35th anniversary of Israel celebrations.



3. Silver Stone Menorah

An immense work of art, this $14,000 menorah is hand made and incorporates sterling silver and Jerusalem stone.



4. Agam Hanukkah Menorah

It’s 4-D menorah with useable dreidels in the stem! Also, this Etsy find is made of 24 karat gold. 



5.  Baal Shem Tov style Menorah

A silver filigree menorah made in 1812 in what is known as the Baal Shem Tov style was sold at  auction for about $30,000. (Photo courtesy of Jonathan Greenstein)

6. 270-year-old Menorah

A 270-year-old Hanukkah lamp became the most expensive artifact of its kind sold in the Netherlands in recent memory after it fetched $441,000 at auction. The menorah belonged to the family of a Dutch Jewish resistance fighter killed by the Nazis.