Embrace Ladino!

El Dia Internasional del Ladino – International Ladino Day

El Dia Internasional del Ladino has been celebrated since 2013

Originally Proposed on Ladinokomunita, the largest online correspondence
circle in Ladino, In 2013, it was endorsed by Yitzhak Navon, the fifth president of Israel
and director of the National Authority for Ladino in Jerusalem.

Originally spoken in communities in the former territories of the Ottoman Empire (the Balkans, Turkey, the Middle East, and North Africa) as well as in France, Italy, Netherlands, Morocco, and the UK – today it is spoken mainly by Sephardic communities throughout the world and most Ladino speakers now reside in Israel. It has no official status in any country – but has been acknowledged officially ןמ Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel, France and Turkey.

It is of course a living link to the Golden Age of Spanish Jews.

In honor of the International Ladino day, here are some traditional Ladino phrases:

1. “Flies can’t enter a closed mouth”


2. “He steals bread and kisses the Mezuzah”


3. “Tell me whom you know, I’ll tell you who you are”


4. “A single ounce of luck is worth more than a whole pile of money”


Beit Hatfutsot