4th of July! The Most Historical Early Synagogues in the United States

The Most Historical Early Synagogues in the United States

The United States is by far the most important Jewish diaspora of modern times.  The great immigration from Eastern Europe in the late 19th century was in retrospect critical to the survival of the Jewish people. Nicknaming their new country “The Golden Medina”, Jews flourished in the US like in no time in history: producing endless excellence in science, culture, entertainment, sports, humanitarian causes and entrepreneurship. It is also the most diverse Jewish community – home to the majority of Conservative and Reform Jews as well as an important center of the Chasidic and Orthodox worlds.

Today there are over 3700 flourishing synagogues in the United States. Here are some the most historical early Synagogues in the United States – some of which feature in the world famous collection of synagogue models at The Museum of the Jewish People at Beit Hatfutsot.

Happy 4th of July!


photo: S.d.touro
1. The Touro Synagogue, Rhode Island, the only synagogue predating the United States independence

photo: Alexisrael

2. Eldridge Street Synagogue, New York, the first synagogue built after the mass immigration to the United States

photo: Sanfranman59

3. Temple Sherith Israel, San Francisco – the congregation was founded during the gold rush

4. Adas Israel Synagogue, Washington – the first synagogue to host an American President – Ulysses Grant (June 1876)

photo: Downtowngal
5. Wilshire Boulevard Temple – the oldest Jewish congregation in Los Angeles, California

photo: VCU Libraries

6. Congregation Beth Ahabah, Richmond Virginia.  Jewish Confederate soldiers are buried in a separate section of the attached Hebrew Cemetery

photo: Gryffindor
7. Congregation Shearith Israel in Central Park West – the oldest Jewish congregation (not building) in the United States.
It was established in 1654 and until 1825 was the only Jewish congregation in New York City

8. Plum Street Synagogue Cincinnati – its design was inspired by the Alhambra at Granada

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